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Men’s Clothes Tips - How to Coordinate Clothing Colors

Men’s Clothes Tips - Colors The joy of dressing is an Art. Color selections can be a mystery when it comes to men’s fashion. Generally, most men show less concern for dress color. As long as it fits, there is no problem! Yet, color combination matters in fashion. Just like women, men also need to pay attention to color.

Adults’ clothing is more complicated than children’s clothing. Some kids' clothes can have about 4-7 colors in a single dress. The more the color, the better the cloth is for kids. More so, a single pair of pants could match all shirts. However, this is not the case for adults.

To make color coordination and selection easier for men’s clothing, we have compiled a simple list of how you can match colors when putting your outfits together. These suggestions aren’t rules but rather tips and tricks. You may choose to modify any of our tips to suit your taste. However, these tips will give you ideas on how to properly combine dress color.

1.    Avoid colored pants

Colored pants look better on women than men. So, keep your pants basic with simple, single, and neutral colors like black, brown, navy blue, ash, and grey. These colors are great and look perfect with any shirt. Meanwhile, if you are dressing for a casual event, bare great!

If your pants (or jeans) are neutral-colored, the rest of the fashion will not be too difficult to choose. Naturally, all shirt colors go with black pants. Likewise, you can pair your khaki, brown, or tan pants with almost any shirt.

2.    Choosing a shirt

Pant color is the major determinant in men’s clothing. It determines the kind of shirt to wear. However, when choosing a shirt color, it is wise to avoid colors that are too close to that of the pant or jeans. When you wear a pant and shirt of the same color, it becomes a uniform.

A patterned shirt is great on any pants or jeans. However, make sure that the pattern is not too much (like those of children). Otherwise, it will look childish.

3.    Shoe type

Needless to say, your choice of shoe will depend on the kind of occasion you are going. If you are going to the office or other formal gathering, a nice cover shoe looks great. However, if you are dressing casually, a sandal, half show, or sneakers is great. Sneakers are best on jeans or ¾ shorts. Meanwhile, avoid brown shoes unless you are dressing casually. Check our Shoes collection at BmaxStore

4.    Belts color

There is a single rule; your belt color should rhyme with your shoe color especially for formal events. If you are dressing casually, you may bend the rule.

5.    Socks

The color of your socks should be close to your pants. As an extra tip, you may consider wearing the same color for a belt and socks.

Final thought

If you read and understand the above tips, you will have no trouble coordinating your clothes color. As a reminder, two vivid colors (for shirts and pants) should not be worn at the same time. Likewise, the shirt color should not be too close to your pants. More so, consider wearing the same color for belt and socks. These are just a few men’s clothes tips for you.

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