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Cup Blender Masterpro Vacuum Mix 1200 W

Cup Blender Masterpro Vacuum Mix 1200 W

If you are looking for household appliances at the best prices, don't miss the Cup Blender Masterpro Vacuum Mix 1200 W and a wide selection of small household appliances! Material: Stainless steel Programmes: 7 Power:...

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If you are looking for household appliances at the best prices, don't miss the Cup Blender Masterpro Vacuum Mix 1200 W and a wide selection of small household appliances!
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Programmes: 7
  • Power: 1200 W
  • Characteristics: Ice crushing
  • Recommended use: Cocktail
  • Suitable for: Dishwasher
  • Capacity: 1,5 L
  • Voltage: 240 V

Preparing hot food and drinks, smoothies, juices and cocktails is now very easy thanks to the Masterpro Vacuum Blender. Made of stainless steel, aluminium and plastic, it features an intuitive interface and 7 automatic programmes for ease of use. Its high-performance motor reaches 24,000 revolutions per minute thanks to its incredible 1,200W, allowing you to make your recipes in the fastest and most efficient way. Its reinforced stainless steel blades will withstand the toughest of foods. Select the blender programme that heats and cooks up to 70ºC and prepare soups, purées and other hot and creamy meals without straining. With the mechanism that extracts the air inside, reducing the air in the bowl by up to 80%, it prepares thicker smoothies and juices with less foam, oxidising less to preserve the colour, flavour and all the vitamins. In addition, this food processor will allow you to create the best cocktails thanks to its special "Cocktail NutriDisc". Finally, you can prepare the best breakfasts thanks to its innovative Nutrifilter accessory to make pulp-free juices and use its heat function for teas and infusions. Its compact and easy-to-clean design allows you to wash non-electric parts in the dishwasher. The Vacuum Blender allows for vacuum storage. Add the vacuum cord to the removable pump of your food processor and automatically extract the air from your food containers and plastic bags. The pump features an ion battery that automatically recharges while attached to the base. Includes a recipe book to inspire you to make the best recipes. The Vacuum Blender from Masterpro boasts the quality seal from the Cook & Chef Institute Foundation whose mission is to guarantee innovation internationally in kitchenware products which contribute towards improving the culinary arts, with attention paid to people's nutrition, health and well-being by making top quality products available to them.
Enjoy a healthier lifestyle. At Masterpro, we believe a healthy lifestyle is essential for your well-being. That’s why we have developed our Vacuum Blender that preserves the vitamins, minerals and nutrients of all of your recipes thanks to its vacuum function which reduces oxidation by up to 80%. Feeling good, inside and out, will reflect in you. The MultiCooker Touch from Masterpro is the space-saving device your kitchen needs so that replaces your pan, frying pan, kitchen weighing scales, whisk, steamer, chopper, confectionery mixer, rice maker, dough mixer, mincer, grater, coffee grinder and yoghurt maker. It whisks, whips, emulsifies, mixes, stirs, preserves, cooks with exact degree precision, kneads, boils, ferments, poaches, cooks using a bain-marie, at low temperature, slowly, steams, grinds, chops, minces, grates, peels, slices, cuts and crushes like a genuine chef....with hardly any effort on your part! With it you can prepare hot creams, shakes and smoothies, as well as the best teas and cocktails. Your creativity is the limit. Chop the ingredients, add them to the container, select the blender programme with heat and make soups, purées and other hot and creamy foods with hardly any effort. The Vacuum Blender from Masterpro heats and cooks up to 70ºC. Make tastier, thicker milkshakes and juices with less froth. We have designed a mechanism that removes the air from inside, reducing the amount of air in the container by up to 80%. That way, the blender rotates faster and your fruit and vegetables oxidise less, heat up less and preserve their colour, flavour and freshness, as well as vitamins B and C. In addition, with this food processor you will have a complete set ready to store your recipes or ingredients under vacuum. It preserves flavours and nutrients, prevents freezer burn and keeps them fresher for longer at the touch of a button. It is also very versatile when it comes to cleaning, as all non-electric accessories are dishwasher safe. If any ingredients dry out inside the blending bowl, simply fill the glass about 2/3 full with hot soapy water and blend the contents for 20-30 seconds. With the Vacuum Blender, your imagination is the limit.